Our Family

Me!  Quirky and creative type.  Passionate, sensitive, detail-obsessed, artist/crafter, list-maker, and organizer.  Seems to have a pretty equal left brain/right brain balance.  Kind of short (5'4"), sometimes curly sometimes straight hair, and a few freckles.  Loves to sew, knit, felt, embroider, paint, dance, and write.

Hubby.  Creative genius type.  Amazing musician and song writer, intelligent, witty and full of non sequiturs.  Exceptional ability to remember trivial facts and quote movies.  Super tall (6'4"), goatee, crazy eyebrows and covered in freckles.  Wonderful husband and incredible father!  Loves to drink coffee (which he often spills), play guitar and sing, listen to music, and watch movies.

Little G.  Feisty four-year-old.  Full of passion, creativity, and silliness.  Can be sweet, but can also be stubborn.  Loves to dance, sing, act, draw, and paint.  Most of all, loves being a big sister.

Baby B.  Sweet little baby with lots of baby-chub cuteness.  Loves to eat, sleep, snuggle, and play.