Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More houses, but still no home.

After looking at a few more houses, we are finding that there are not many out there right now that fit our needs.  There was a colonial which was ok, but it was near a busy intersection and also had a weird little studio apartment attached to it (complete with tenant that seemed to be equally as weird).  Then there was the cape in which the listing boasted a "backyard oasis" (the yard was nice, but I wouldn't quite call it an oasis).  As for the house, the kitchen was nice, but the bedrooms were very small and had no closets.  And the upstairs had such low ceilings that my very tall husband would have to hunch over to walk around.  I guess we can scratch that one off the list!

So we scoured the current listings online, trying to find some more houses to look at, but soon realized that there wasn't really anything else out there that we wanted to see.  They all seem to have some major flaw...too small, bad location, need to much work, etc, etc.  The more we try to look at other houses, the more we want that 1925 hip roof colonialSigh.  So I guess for now, we wait.  We wait to see what happens with that house (it could be a month or more before we know if they'll even be taking a look at our offer...ugh!).  And we wait to see if any new houses pop up on the market that would better suit our needs.  In the meantime, to you, 1925 hip roof colonial, I dedicate this song (melodramatic? me? well, ok, maybe just a little).

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